Mar. 10th, 2012

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Okay. So... The BBC are sometimes accused of only having 6 actors. While this is an exaggeration(it's more like 200), you DO see the same faces over and over again, often playing very similar characters. We all know Freema Agyeman only plays Martha Jones, even if she's in a Dickensian period drama. Lenora Critchlow is variants on the same slightly quirky, a bit insecure, keen to please absent-minded teenager whether she's Sugar, Cheen or Annie.

But the BBC 200 have interesting faces.

Sure, we'll see Aidan Turner rocking the devilishly handsome dark brooding Irishman whether he's a vampire or a pre-raphaelite painter, but take a look at him next to his American Being Human counterpart -

Which one would you be able to identify in a police lineup?

I mean no great insult to Sam Witwer, but he looks like at least 20 other tv actors. He could be just about anyone. Maybe the fact that the BBC only has 200 actors in its stable is just a sign of efficiency - rather than have a few thousand bland, identikit people who vary in skin colour and age and very little else, they have one or two of each strikingly different type. And so the result is that they do cast the same person over and over again in different shows, rather than just appearing to.

And damn, I want to be in the BBC stable.


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